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The 7-day free Crunchbase Pro trial is the best way to see how Crunchbase Pro can help you do even more with Crunchbase. Crunchbase Pro provides advanced search, custom email alerts, and list creation features.

With Crunchbase Pro, you can:

  • Discover innovative companies and people with advanced search
  • Stay up to date on the latest events with custom email alerts
  • Track the people, investors, and companies you care about with personalized lists
  • Find new prospects with personalized recommendations
  • Push contacts to Salesforce and Outreach
  • Prioritize accounts with shared tags and notes
  • Use recommendations to find leads
  • Import lists of companies and investors
  • Get 10 free verified contacts during the trial period
  • Cut through the noise with intelligent email templates

You can try Crunchbase Pro free for 7 days here.

Note: the export feature is not available during the trial period.

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