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Shared tags are custom labels available for Crunchbase Pro and Crunchbase Enterprise customers. They can be added to any organization profile (companies, investors, schools) to help you and your team prioritize prospects.  By grouping accounts with shared tags such as “SaaS Accounts” or “Q2 Prospects,” individuals and team members can quickly understand which accounts have already been vetted, and of those, which are most important.

You can view and add shared tags on all organization profiles (companies, investors, schools) by selecting the Add Tag button under the About section.

 Once a shared tag is applied, it will be visible to anyone on the team!

You can find the organization profiles associated with any given tag three different ways:

  1. Click the tag itself in the About section of a profile.

  1. Use the Notes, Lists, Tags filter in Advanced Search.

  1. Click Account in the top right corner of any page -> Account Settings -> then select Shared Tags in the left navigation. Here you’ll see a comprehensive list of all shared tags within your team, and have the ability to create new tags or edit/delete existing tags.

Need help or guidance? Reach out to us at or post your question in the Crunchbase Community.  If you are an Enterprise user, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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