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With My Dashboard, you can access your lists and saved searches all in one centralized place. Track updates for the companies and people you care about, monitor new additions in your saved searches, and get alerted about the latest updates so you can prioritize your next move!

We’ll walk you through the key highlights of My Dashboard below:

1) Access My Dashboard from the global navigation bar across all pages in Crunchbase. 

2) View ‘All’ to see your lists and searches together in one place, or select ‘Saved Searches’ or ‘Lists’ to view them individually. *There is a 100 maximum for both searches and lists.

3) Check out the blue and green chips that display new additions and updates

Blue additions - show new companies added to saved searches based on pre-set search criteria.

Green updates - apply to both saved searches and lists, and include notable signals or news updates.

4) Sort your searches and lists by Recently Viewed or by Name (alphabetically, A-Z). *Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the recently viewed option to get updated. 

5) Select ‘Create’ to start a new search, query, or list. Use the ‘Import List’ button to import your own personal list of companies into Crunchbase. 


If you have any questions or feedback on My Dashboard, please reach out to


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