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Want to add a funding round to a company Crunchbase profile? It’s simple to edit the profile yourself - we’ll show you how! *Please note, we only recommend adding closed rounds since this information will be used to calculate your company’s Total Funding Amount.

To add a funding round, you’ll first need to make sure that you’ve registered as a Crunchbase user and authenticated your account via social network. 

Use the top search bar to navigate to the company profile page you’re looking for: 



On the right side of the profile, select Edit from the dropdown under the three-dot icon:

You’re now on the Edit screen, where you can add and update the information included on a profile. Scroll down to the Funding Rounds and click Create New Funding Round.

Enter the required fields in the Funding round details section marked by an asterisk. You’ll need to know the Funding Type and the Announcement Date at minimum.


Scroll down to add Investors and Press References if applicable. 

By clicking Create New Investment, you’ll open up a new Edit screen where you can either search for an investor with an existing Crunchbase profile, or Create New Investor if a profile needs to be created for them. 

When the funding round has been created, click Continue at the top right of your screen:

Click the Save All Edits button at the top right corner to ensure your edits are saved: 

*Note that your edits may take a few minutes to appear.

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