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If you receive the following message when adding a news article to your company profile:

The URL provided does not meet our approved list of domains. Please reach out to support@crunchbase.com for further assistance.”

This message means that the article is not compatible with our platform.

The types of news articles that we recommend adding to your profile include:

  • Press releases from news sites
  • News articles highlighting the company
  • Funding or acquisition announcements

At this time, our news system does not accept the following:

  • PDF files
  • Word documents
  • Video links
  • Podcast links
  • Company blog links
  • Articles blocked by a paywall
  • Articles without a publish date

If you believe there is a mistake, you can reach out to our team at support@crunchbase.com with the following:

  • Link to the Crunchbase profile
  • Link to the news article you are trying to add

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