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To add a founder to a company profile, click the three-dot icon, and select 'Edit' at the upper right corner of the profile. 


Then scroll to the Founders section.

If the person already has an existing Crunchbase profile, you simply need to type their name into the search bar and select the correct profile to begin adding them as a company founder:


If you're finished making your edits, click Save All Edits.


If there are no matching results in the search dropdown, this means the person does not have a Crunchbase profile yet. You can create a new profile from the same page by selecting Create New Founder: Screen_Shot_2020-08-06_at_12.23.35_PM.png

This will lead you to the Edit New Person page where you can add their details including Name, Photo, and Primary Location. 

Even though only the First Name and Last Name fields are required, please fill in as many details as possible in order to create a complete Crunchbase profile.

Once you are done filling out the page, click Continue at the top right of the page.


Your screen will return to the main edit page for the company where you can Save All Edits at the top right of the page.

Congratulations! You are now done and should be able to see the person in the “Founders” field on the company profile.

Keep in mind, these steps will add the individual to the Founders field on the details card of the profile - not the People tab (Current Team or Board Members and Advisors section). If you would like to add the founder to also be listed in the People tab (Current Team or Board Members and Advisors), click here to learn! 

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