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Diversity Spotlight is a Crunchbase feature that highlights and identifies companies with leadership from an underrepresented race, ethnicity, and/or gender. Adding this data to your company profile will help you be discovered by other users who are interested in companies with diverse leadership. 

Please note that the process for adding diversity spotlight data is different from US-headquartered companies and companies that are headquartered in a European country

For companies headquartered in the US:

To add a Diversity Spotlight for your company, you’ll need to first make sure that you are verified with your company. This is a necessary first step, as the lock icon indicates fields that can only be edited by verified employees.  


Once verified, simply navigate to the profile and click Edit from the dropdown under the three-dot icon:

Scroll until you see the Diversity Spotlight field, then search and add the diversity tag(s) that your company identifies with.


When you're done making your updates, be sure to click the 'Save All Edits' button at the top right corner to ensure your edits are saved! 

For companies headquartered in the Europe:

Please follow the intake and approval process outlined HERE


We recognize that we have not captured all underrepresented groups in our current list of tags. Please be assured that our diversity spotlight tags will continue to evolve, as we want to be inclusive and encourage discussions around these data points. In collaboration with trusted experts in diversity & inclusion and our in-house data management team, we will make thoughtful decisions on how to best iterate this feature.  If you have any suggestions or feedback on this feature, please feel free to reach out to

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