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To edit a profile on Crunchbase, you’ll need to complete the following checklist:

uncheckedRegister for a free user account here to view and edit profiles

unchecked Perform social authentication in your Account Settings by linking to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Google.

If you see a lock icon next to the fields you’d like to edit, this means the profile has been set up to only allow edits by verified employees of the organization:


uncheckedVerify your employment with the company by following these steps here.

If you see the following message while attempting your edits, a member of Crunchbase staff will have to assist. This limitation is put in place to preserve the historical data on our platform:

  • Learn more about which fields can be removed or edited here.
  • Reach out to our support team at with the profile link and removal request(s) for assistance.

To learn how to update specific sections of a profile, check out our additional step-by-step articles here.

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