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Exits will only appear on a profile if the person or organization was an investor in a funding round of a company that went public (and has the IPO listed on their company profile). 

To be more specific, an exit will appear on person profile if the person was an individual investor in a funding round. Partner investments made on an investment firm’s behalf will not appear as exits for the partner.

Additionally, exits will only appear on an organization profile (company or school) if the organization was an investor in a funding round.

To add an exit to your profile, first make sure your profile is updated to the correct profile type. A person profile should have the 'Individual Investor' profile type selected. An organization profile (company or school) will need to have the profile type 'Investment Firm' selected. Click here to learn how to update the profile type to 'Individual Investor'. To learn how to update to 'Investment Firm' click here.

Exits can only be added to investor profiles (individual or investment firm) from the company’s profile. To add the exit to your profile, make sure you are listed as an investor to the appropriate funding round.

Review how to edit a funding round here.

Once you’ve been added to the funding round, the exit should appear in its own section on your profile automatically.

Here is an example of an individual investor with exits:


Here is an example of an investment firm with exits:


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