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Crunchbase Pro is a subscription-based software that helps individuals and small teams make better decisions faster through automated discovery, easy prioritization, and streamlined operations.

Fueled by AI intelligence, Crunchbase Pro makes it possible to:

Find high-potential companies without the manual research

Prioritize next steps with personalized insights

Centralize must-have tools in a single platform

Below, we’ve highlighted some key features of Crunchbase Pro and how to navigate them. 

Build a Search

Dive into companies, contacts, investors, funding rounds, acquisitions, people, schools, or events. There are two methods for searching in Crunchbase - Advanced Search and Query Builder. Crunchbase Pro customers can view up to 1,000 results per search. 

Advanced Search | Update the desired filters you’re interested in on the left-hand side. Note, the individual filter sections will appear collapsed - simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the section you want to look at or utilize.

Watch your search results update in real-time.

Query Builder | Use the + icon to add filters that you’re interested in. Click the blue Search button to load your results. 

Features of Search


Find the specific data you’re looking for by customizing your columns, by clicking either Edit View or Add Column


Want to quickly recognize a company, investor, or person’s influence? Add columns for Crunchbase Rank and Trend Score, to help you prioritize your results.  


Select up to 4 and click Compare to compare your search results on everything from industry categories to funding rounds.


Know exactly what you’re searching for? Use the top search bar to find the profile page of a specific company, investor, or person by name.



Looking to start a brand new search? Hit Clear to remove all the filters you’ve added to quickly get started!


Save a Search

Once you’ve built a search you’re interested in, you can save your search to stay updated at all times. Whether you’re looking for leads, investors, or just trying to keep tabs on competitors, setting up customized notifications on your saved searches will alert you via email when there are new additions. 

Click the Save Search icon in the upper right-hand corner.

The following modal will appear, where you can add a name for the search, change its privacy settings, or customize your email alert types and frequency. Click Save when finished. 

You can later access all of your saved searches in My Dashboard, which you can find in the top global navigation bar across all pages in Crunchbase. 


Create a List

With Lists, you can follow specific profiles, so you can track the entities you care about the most. Once you’ve created a search, manually select which entries you want to add to your list by checking their boxes on the left individually, or, check the box at the very top of your search results next to the Name column to select all results. 

This will reveal the blue Save to List button - click this.

You’ll have the option to add these results to an existing list, or scroll all the way to the bottom to create a new one.

Selecting Create New List will open the following modal, where you can name the list, update its privacy settings, and customize the type and frequency of email alerts


Contact Data

Crunchbase Pro customers get 10 free contacts per month, and can purchase additional contact data to add on to their subscription.

In the Contacts tab of search, toggle to the Card view to see key decision-makers and available contact data (email, phone number, LinkedIn profile) in your search results. 

Click the View button to access their available contact information, then take action right away by hitting Save (to save to a search or list). You can also push the contact to Salesforce, HubSpotOutreach, or send an email right in Crunchbase’s engagement suite, powered by our intelligent email templates and snippets. 



Crunchbase’s Recommendations help you prospect faster by automating account discovery and qualification. Uncover new opportunities with relevant recommendations powered by machine learning. You can quickly qualify accounts and understand why a company is recommended specifically for you.

CRM Sync

Turn on a shared CRM connection to reduce the risk of hitting your Salesforce or HubSpot data limits. Make one connection for Salesforce or HubSpot, which reduces the number of API calls for your team.

Connect your CRM and integrate with other tools in the Integrations page of your account settings.

Learn more about CRM sync HERE


Crunchbase Pro customers can export up to 5k rows of data each month! Simply click the Export to CSV button in the top right corner of any saved search or list to automatically download to your computer the entities in your search/list. You can then open the CSV file in Excel or your program of choice.


Import your own personal list of companies in .csv format into Crunchbase to easily gather data on multiple entities at once. You can download this template HERE to help you get started. 

Once you’ve got your file ready to go, there are two ways to navigate to the import feature from your homepage - on the left hand side under My Crunchbase, and from the My Dashboard dropdown from your top navigation. 


On the import page, you can upload the file by dragging and dropping or simply clicking the Upload File button.

Select View Your List once the upload is completed!


Account Information

Access your account settings from the person icon in the top right corner of any page on Crunchbase.

From the default Your Info section, you can manage your email, password, notification settings, social authentication, and company verification.

Navigate to the Subscriptions & Billing tab on the left to manage your subscription, update your payment details, and view your past and upcoming invoices. 

Here, you can also manage your Integrations and Team settings as well.


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