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Unlike lists (which are fixed), searches in Crunchbase are dynamic; your saved searches will update in real-time as new results populate within the Crunchbase dataset that match your search criteria. Set up customized notifications so you are alerted via email when there are new additions. 

Let's build a search together to find recently funded Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality companies:

1. Navigate to Advanced Search by clicking Companies from the Advanced drop-down in the top navigation, or by selecting Search Companies from the Explore section of your navigation on the left.

2. Check out the categorized Filters on the left; note that these are expandable and collapsible by clicking on the arrow on the right.


3. For our example, we will need to use two filters. First, in the Industries filter (found in the Overview category), type in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

*Pro tip: When adding multiple industries, click away from the text box after selecting your first industry to enable adding a second one.

Next, select Past Year for Last Funding Date (found in the Financials category). 


4. Click on the blue Save Search button in the upper right corner to initiate saving your search.

5. In the saved search modal, you can give your search a name, update privacy settings, and set custom email alerts. When you’re done, click Create Save Search!

To see all of your saved searches, visit the My Searches page, which you can always access in one of two easy ways - by clicking Saved Searches from the Lists dropdown in your top navigation, or My Saved Searches on the left-side of your Crunchbase homepage. 

Need help building your search? Post your question in the Crunchbase Community or connect with our support team at

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