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Primary Organizations on Crunchbase reflect a person’s main role. Most of the time, the Primary Organization will be the person’s current job.

A profile can only have one Primary Organization at a time. In some cases, an individual may have multiple current roles. The primary organization should reflect what the person is best known for.

For example: Elon Musk is the founder of multiple companies but his primary role displays his connection to Tesla Motors.

The Primary Organization appears in the top overview of person profiles:


Primary Organization will also appear in Crunchbase Pro searches using Query Builder:


To update your Primary Organization, click the three-dot icon, and select 'Edit' at the upper right corner of the profile.

Scroll down to the Primary Job section and select the role that you want to be the Primary Job.


Remember to click Save All Edits at the upper right of the profile to update the Primary Job.


Keep in mind, adding a Current Job to a profile is a separate action from adding a Primary Job - you'll need to add job details then save that edit first. 

Note, a Primary Job can only be added if it is Current and the Position is Non-Executive Employee or Executive. We currently don't offer a way for Board MemberAdvisor or Board Observer roles to be added as a Primary Job.

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