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With Crunchbase, any registered user (with a social network connected) can add or edit profile pages. Profiles are not exclusively linked to a single user or login.

In order to edit an existing Crunchbase profile, you’ll first need to create a User Account by registering for Crunchbase hereWe recommend users register using their own email. Please also be sure to authenticate your user account with your own social media rather than a company profile.

You can connect a social media account on the Account Settings page here and clicking on the Social Authentication box under Account Information. This will prompt open a new box where you can add or remove the social media accounts connected to your Crunchbase user account. Remember, you should be authenticating your user account with your own social media. For further assistance with socially authenticating your User Account, you can find more information here.

Once you've logged in and authenticated via a social network, you can visit your existing profile by finding it through the top search bar. If you don't see your company listed you may need to create a profile. You can learn how to add a profile here


To edit the profile, click three-dot icon and select 'Edit' at the top right of the profile page.



While in the edit screen on a company profile, you may notice some fields are locked for editing.


These fields can only be updated by verified employees of the organization. You can verify your employment with the company by scrolling to the top of the edit screen and verifying directly or follow these steps here

We encourage you to build out your profile and show everyone why your company is the best, including what it does and who the people are behind it! 


When you're done making your updates, be sure to click the 'Save All Edits' button at the top right corner to ensure your edits are saved! 


*Note: While we are accepting data related to diversity, we are currently still evolving & refining this feature. If you have any suggestions or feedback related to Diversity Spotlight, please feel free to reach out to support@crunchbase.com.   

Keep in mind, you do not need to have a Crunchbase paid subscription to edit profiles.

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