What is the Salesforce integration with Crunchbase?

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To help our users focus more on selling and less on data entry, we’re introducing a Crunchbase Salesforce integration for users with a Crunchbase Pro subscription. Now you can sync the accounts you find in Crunchbase directly to your CRM, and even see which accounts are already there. Each account that you own in Salesforce will automatically be added to a Crunchbase list so you can get funding alerts on them. If you're managing or supporting a large sales team, try our Data Enrichment solution that includes Salesforce integration for Enterprise.

With our Salesforce integration, you can now

  • Go from research to outreach in a few clicks: Find accounts that meet your ideal customer profile (ICP) using Crunchbase search filters, or use our new profile experience to learn about a specific company. When you find accounts that meet your ICP, save them directly from Crunchbase to Salesforce. You may select up to 25 accounts to push to your CRM at once.
  • Focus on selling, not data entry: See which accounts are already in Salesforce and avoid record duplication. When you find and save a new account from Crunchbase to Salesforce, we’ll also save the basic company information you’ll need to personalize your outreach.
  • Own & track your accounts: With fierce competition among SDRs and AEs, sometimes the first challenge is claiming an account. Any account you save from Crunchbase to Salesforce will be under your name. We’ll also help you stay on top of all your accounts in Salesforce & email you when they’ve raised money.

The Salesforce Integration pushes organization name, website and the short description to your Salesforce account.

To learn more about the Salesforce integration with Crunchbase, check out our blog post here!

If you want to enrich your Salesforce experience with automatic updates and additional firmographic & financial data (40+ data fields), talk to our Sales team!

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