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When you’re prospecting, now you can see which of your team members own an account in Salesforce. You can also see the recent activity date to make the most informed decisions when prospecting.

The account owner’s alias (first initial and last name) is shown in the ‘CRM Account Owner’ button that previously showed ‘In CRM’ on company profiles, in search, and on the recommendations page.

These details can be found on organization profiles and Advanced Search. 



When the ‘CRM Account Owner’ button is clicked, you can view the link to the record in Salesforce, see the full name of the account owner, and see last activity date.


Keep in mind, we pass the alias (initial name displayed) from Salesforce. To update this, users will need to contact their Salesforce administrator to update their settings.

These details are shown only to members of your team. You can see your team members on the Account Settings > Team Members page.

You can connect to the Salesforce integration as a Crunchbase Pro or Enterprise customer in the Account Settings > Integrations page. Note that this enhancement will only show after you’ve connected to the Salesforce integration and your accounts have completed syncing.

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