Can I filter out what is already in my CRM from search?

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By using the 'Exclude From This List' filter, you can exclude organizations in a list from the search results.

The 'Include From This List' and 'Exclude From This List' filter are options available for Companies search only.

In your Crunchbase home page, from the left navigation in the Explore section, click Search Companies from the list:


Navigate to the filters section.

Note, the individual filter sections will appear collapsed - simply click the dropdown arrow to expand the section you want to look at or utilize. 

In the filters section, select Notes, List and Tags and scroll to the 'Exclude From This List' filter. 


The 'Include From This List' filter will filter for organizations in the list you select. The 'Exclude From This List' filter. Note, the list options in the dropdown will vary depending on which lists you created & named. To learn how to save a list, click here

In this case, use the 'Exclude From This List' filter and select 'My CRM' from the dropdown to filter out what you have already pushed from Crunchbase to your CRM. 

Add more filters to narrow your search and get targeted results. Below is an example of a search looking for SaaS companies HQ in San Francisco but excluding organizations in My CRM list.


Please note, My CRM list has a limit of 1000, so it will only exclude those 1000 accounts in the list. If your connected CRM account owns more than 1000, then you may see accounts that are already in CRM.

My CRM list contains only the CRM account owned by that user, so you will still see accounts owned by their teammates.


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