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Saved Searches and Lists are valuable tools available for Crunchbase Pro customers - in their own unique ways, they help you stay on top of the latest news about the entities you care about.

Check out the key differences in the table below:

  Saved Searches | dynamic Lists | static

How do they work?

Your saved searches will update in real-time as new profiles that match your search criteria appear in Crunchbase.

Your list of entities will never change unless you manually add to or remove from your list. 





Follow the continuously updated profiles that are the result of your saved search criteria.


Follow the activity of the specific profiles that you have saved to that list.

Track an industry or vertical that you are interested in, as saved searches are continuously monitoring the Crunchbase data set for new additions. Keep tabs on your competitors, key prospects, or companies in your investment portfolio.


If you are looking for SaaS companies that raised $1M-10M last year, saving this search and setting up your notification settings will ensure you are alerted each time there is a new match that fits this criteria. 

Save a list of companies that you’re interested in so you can get weekly updates on any new funding rounds or funds raised. Each week, you can look forward to seeing if anyone in your list raised funding.

With both searches and lists, you can customize your alert settings to be notified via email of any new additions or activity - find out how HERE. Access your searches and lists from My Dashboard, and you can get alerted about updates and search additions. 

For more general information on saved searches and lists, check out this section of our Knowledge Center HERE


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