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Introducing the Crunchbase Salesforce integration. Sync accounts seamlessly with your CRM.

You can learn how to connect your Crunchbase account to your Salesforce account here


After you connected, you can start creating account records in Salesforce from Crunchbase the following ways:



By clicking ‘Push’ or 'Save' from the profile or clicking the Salesforce logo (Push) in advanced search, an account record will be created in your Salesforce (containing Company Name, Company Website, and Short Description). You may select up to 25 accounts to push to your CRM at once. Select the companies you would like to push and then hit the ‘Push’ button next to ‘Save to list’ to push them over.


If the organization is already in your individual Salesforce account, it will display the owner of the account. In this example, you'll see the person 'lima' pushed the account 2 days ago. If you do not have the shared CRM connection setup you'll see ‘In CRM’ - this status will appear on profiles and next to company names in advanced search.


You can access the corresponding Salesforce account record by clicking the name of the owner or ‘In CRM’ icon:


 If you’re looking for accounts that you pushed into Salesforce from Crunchbase, you can view them in ‘My Lists’ and select “My CRM”:


If you're interested in viewing how many matched records you have, you can find the details by navigating to Account (located at the top right corner of your screen) > Account Settings. Then from the left navigation, select Integrations


Keep in mind, this integration will match on ‘Accounts’ only. In order for accounts in your CRM to match the Name and Domain on the account, the record must match what we have in  Crunchbase. 

Additionally, we do respect any validation rules setup within your Salesforce account.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to - our team will be happy to help! 

If you are interested in fully enriching your Salesforce experience with automatic updates and full integration, talk to our Sales team!

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