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Salesforce Enrichment includes the following features:

Access to

Find new accounts or resurface stale leads with search filters that reflect your personal Salesforce data along with Crunchbase’s extensive search filters such as funding data and buy signals.

Seamlessly save accounts that you find on to your CRM to be enriched and updated automatically alongside the rest of your accounts

Push verified contacts as leads or contacts from Crunchbase to Salesforce, including fields like Name, Company, Title, Phone and Email.


45+ Live Crunchbase Data Fields

Receive automated daily or weekly refreshments - saving 20+ hours/month/rep on manual data entry. Create reports on any of the live CB data fields for your team (i.e. seed companies in AI who's lead investors are X,Y,Z with an employee size of 20-50, and have contacts available)


Crunchbase Search Engine

Search the Crunchbase database within Salesforce and directly create new accounts or leads. Any accounts or leads created using the Crunchbase Classic Search will be automatically linked and enriched with Crunchbase data


Crunchbase iFrame

View key people, recent news, and round-by-round funding in an easy-to-read format (direct URLs to source material). Enrich and refresh accounts on Salesforce through the Crunchbase Search Engine or manually linking companies through the Crunchbase iFrame

SFDC Workflows

Depending on your Salesforce integration use case, you can utilize Crunchbase data to build automated SFDC workflows that can help you optimize and improve your current processes, for example:

1. Contextual prioritization of your prospects: Whenever a prospect has crossed a
the minimum threshold of funding and funding type, have Salesforce automatically create a high-priority task for your Sales Development Representative (SDR) to reach out.

2. Re-nurturing cold leads: When an old prospect has raised a new round of funding, create a task for your SDR to check in with a congratulatory email.

3. Proactive Account Management: Create a task for your team to congratulate your current customers when they raise a new funding round, go public, or make a new acquisition.



CRM Trends Dashboard

Leverage your sales history and current pipeline to discover key characteristics of prospects that turned into pipeline or closed-won ARR.

The Crunchbase Trends Dashboard combines your CRM data and Crunchbase’s best-in-class proprietary company data to surface trends and provide actionable insights. Click here to learn more.

Teams Usage Dashboard

Understand how your team is using Crunchbase and the impact it has on your business goals.

The Crunchbase Usage Dashboard measures the quantity and value of closed-won, and total pipeline generated from Crunchbase-sourced opportunities. Click here to learn more.

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