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Depending on your Salesforce integration use case, you can utilize Crunchbase data to build automated SFDC workflows that can help you optimize and improve your current processes.

Some examples include:

  • Contextual prioritization of your prospects: Whenever a prospect has crossed a
    minimum threshold of funding and funding type, have Salesforce automatically create a high-priority task for your Sales Development Representative (SDR) to reach out
  • Re-nurturing cold leads: When an old prospect has raised a new round of funding, create a task for your SDR to check-in with a congratulation email.
  • Proactive Account Management: Create a task for your team to congratulate your current customers when they raise a new funding round, go public, or make a new acquisition

Now let’s dive in with a step-by-step guide on how to build these out for your team:

  1. Click on Setup and navigate to Process Builder (Setup > Create > Workflow & Approval > Process Builder)
  2. Click New in the upper righthand corner and fill in the required information
  3. Select an option for when the process will start
    • Note: for most process, the process should starts when “a record changes”
  4. Select Lead or Account depending on which entity you’d like to build the workflow for
    • Note: what object you select will determine what fields you can use in your workflow
  5. Select “when a record is created or edited”, then click Save
  6. Next, define the criteria in which this process will be trigger
  7. Then define what the action that Salesforce will perform if the criteria is met and the process is triggered
    • Example: send email alerts, create a new opportunity, assign an owner, etc.
  8. Once you are done with configuring your workflow, click Activate to finish.

Below is how a completed workflow would look in Process Builder:


Congratulations! You’ve just built a workflow leveraging Crunchbase’s data, but please don’t forget to always test out these newly built workflows! 

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