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With our two new Crunchbase dashboards in Salesforce, you can ensure your team is working smarter, not harder. Our dashboards allow you to visualize and analyze the accounts your team members are pushing, managing, and closing so that you can replicate past success in an easy way. *NOTE: this feature is available for Enterprise customers with a Salesforce enrichment package

Dashboard 1: Crunchbase Trends Dashboard

Leverage your sales history and current pipeline to discover key characteristics of prospects that turned into pipeline or closed-won ARR. The Crunchbase trends dashboard combines your CRM data and Crunchbase's proprietary company data to surface trends and provide actionable insights. CRM trends are also available in the corresponding reports.

  • Sales Growth by Revenue 
  • Companies with Rank Movement
  • Employee Size Report 
  • Revenue Range Report 
  • Funding Stage Report 
  • Won Opportunities by Rank 

Dashboard 2: Crunchbase Usage Dashboard

Understand how your team is using Crunchbase and the impact it has on your business goals. The Crunchbase usage dashboard measures the quantity and value of open, closed-won, and total pipeline generated from Crunchbase-sourced opportunities.

  • Accounts Pushed from Crunchbase
  • Contacts Pushed from Crunchbase
  • Leads Pushed from Crunchbase
  • Converted Leads Pushed from Crunchbase
  • Total Pipeline Generated from Crunchbase
  • Open Opportunities from Crunchbase
  • Won Opportunities from Crunchbase
  • Total Pipeline Generated from Crunchbase
  • Closed Opportunities from Crunchbase
  • Closed Deals w/ Crunchbase Contact
  • Opportunities w/ Crunchbase Contact

Requirements for Dashboard Access

To use Salesforce dashboards, you must be an Enterprise software customer with the Salesforce enrichment package. The feature requires both the Salesforce integration and enrichment connections to display data. 

Accessing the Dashboards 

After successfully updating your enrichment package (version  v1.76), you should see your personal Crunchbase usage dashboard and Crunchbase trends dashboard in the Dashboards or Reports tab in Salesforce.

Changes to Salesforce Enrichment Mapped Fields (as of June 2023)

  1. Field changes
    1. The following fields will now map by default to support the Crunchbase Dashboards:
      1. Crunchbase Rank
      2. Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 30 days)
      3. Number of employees
      4. Revenue range (USD)
    2. Note: This should not impact any existing reports and dashboards that currently map to these fields. You may see both custom and required versions of the listed fields.
  2. New fields added:
    1. Enrichment Start Date - Account and Lead
    2. Pushed From Crunchbase - Account, Lead, Contact
    3. Is Linked - Account, Lead
    4. Revenue range (USD) - Account and Lead (previously this was only on Enrichment)
  3. Other changes
    1. Updated URLs for company images 

The full list of mapped fields can be found here.

Customizing the Dashboards

You can customize the dashboards and reports to address your teams’ needs by clicking the “Edit” button in the top right corner of both dashboards and reports. Check out the Salesforce support articles below for more information.

Build a Lightning Experience Dashboard

Build a Report in Lightning Experience

Trailhead Module “Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience”

To limit who can view these dashboards, you can adjust the permissions and sharing access for folders containing Crunchbase dashboards and reports. Please refer to Salesforce help articles for additional instruction. *NOTE: users with the ability to edit reports

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