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Shantell Brightman
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Salesforce Enrichment Package v1.77

What changes can I expect with the upcoming Salesforce enrichment update?

  • Field changes
    • The following fields will now map by default to support the Crunchbase Dashboards:
      • Crunchbase Rank
      • Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 30 days)
      • Number of employees
      • Revenue range (USD)
    • Note: This should not impact any existing reports and dashboards that currently map to these fields. You may see both custom and required versions of the listed fields.
  • New fields added to support report building:
    • Enrichment Start Date - Account and Lead
    • Pushed From Crunchbase - Account, Lead, Contact
    • Is Linked - Account, Lead
    • Revenue range (USD) - Account and Lead (previously this was only on Enrichment)
  • Other changes
    • Updated URLs for company images 

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