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Please refer to the pages on the guides below if needed: 

Step 1: Provide File to your CSM

Provide your Crunchbase CSM with a .csv file with containing the following:

  • Account Name (column A)
  • Website Domain (column B)
  • Salesforce/Account ID (optional column C)

Once processed, the Crunchbase team will provide you with a matching report, please allow 3-5 days for processing. 

Step 2: Create a New File

Create a new .csv with the following columns

  • Object ID (SFDC) - SFDC ID for the Account or Lead you want to link
  • Name
  • UUID - Crunchbase company UUID, may can contain hyphens
  • Permalink - Crunchbase company Permalink
  • Enrichment ID - blank, but will be filled in process
  • Link ID - blank, but will be filled in process

From the matching report, provided by Crunchbase, copy the UUIDs and Permalinks and add to UUID and Permalink columns 

Step 3: Import the Data

Lightning Instructions

Classic Instructions

Step 4: Manage Batch Settings 

To trigger an enrichment,

  • Go to Setup > Custom Settings
  • Then click on Manage for “Crunchbase Batch Settings”
  • Then click on Edit for “EnrichmentBatch”, change “Batch Size” to 1 and then click Save
  • Once you have set the Batch Size to 1, test your newly bulk linked records by manually trigger a data enrichment from the Install Wizard page
  • Once you have completed your first bulk enrichment process and everything looks good, change the Batch Size for “EnrichmentBatch” back to 5 for a more efficient bulk enrichment process

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