Crunchbase Salesforce Enrichment Mapped Fields

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The following table displays all 52 Crunchbase fields that can be mapped and enriched in your Salesforce instance with Salesforce enrichment.

The fields marked with a YES are those that are required to be mapped. Anything that does not have a a YES is optional: 

Crunchbase Fields Field Type Required
Actively Hiring    
Account Source string  
Acquired By string  
Acquired Date date  
Acquired Price currency (USD)  
All Investors long text area (value separated by ;)  
City string  
Closed Date date  
Company Name string  
Country string  
Crunchbase Rank integer  
Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 7 days) numeric  
Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 30 days) numeric  
Crunchbase Rank Movement (last 90 days) numeric  
Crunchbase URL url  YES
Diversity Spotlight long text area (value separated by ;)  
Founded Date date  
Full Description text area   
IPO Date date  
Latest Acquired Company string  
Latest Acquisition Date date  
Latest Acquisition Price currency (USD)  
Latest Investment - Amount Invested (USD) currency (USD)   
Latest Investment - Company string  
Latest Investment - Date date  
Latest Round - Date date  YES
Latest Round - Funding Type / Series picklist YES
Latest Round - Money Raised (USD) currency (USD) YES
Legal Name string  
Number of Acquisitions (#) integer YES
Number of Acquisitions  formula (Text) YES
Number of Employees picklist  
Number of Founders integer  
Number of Funding Rounds (#) integer YES
Number of Funding Rounds formula (Text) YES
Number of Investments (#)  integer YES
Number of Investments formula (Text) YES
Number of Investors (#) integer YES
Number of Investors formula (text) YES
Organization Status string  
Postal Code string  
Profile Image URL url  
Region string  
Revenue Range (USD) picklist  
Short Description string  
Stock Exchange string  
Stock Symbol string  
Street string  
Total Funding (USD) currency (USD) YES
Total Money Invested (USD) currency (USD)  
Website url  

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