Using the Data Loader when Bulk Linking Accounts (Salesforce Classic, using Data Loader v1.41 or Older)

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Salesforce provides free training on how to use the Data Import wizard here:


If you aren't sure which version of Data Loader you're using, check out this article from Salesforce.

These instructions assume that you will use the data loader provided by Salesforce at Setup > Data > Data Loader.  Go to that page, then download and install the free tool to get started. 

(make sure you have the latest Java plugin downloaded -


The following steps will outline how to mass link Accounts and Leads in our Visualforce tool in order for SFDC fields to be enriched.

Step 1: Provide your Crunchbase CSM with an export of the following fields from SFDC:

  • Account/Lead Name
  • Account/Lead Domain

Step 2: Our product team will use an algorithm to match your Accounts and Leads with the corresponding Crunchbase fields (UUID and Permalink)

  • Object ID is the SFDC ID for the Account or Lead you want to link
  • UUID is the crunchbase company UUID.  NOTE: UUID can contain hyphens
  • Permalink is the crunchbase company Permalink.  
  • EnrichmentID and LinkID will be blank; we will fill these as we go through the steps below


Step 3: Open Data Loader

  • Click UpsertScreen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.40.32_PM.png
  • Select Crunchbase Data Enrichment (Enrichment_c) object and upload the CSVScreen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.40.42_PM.png
  • Choose Id when prompted to "Select the field for matching on Crunchbase_enrichment_c" Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.43.05_PM.png
  • Select "Create or Edit a Map"
    • Map the Permalink column to the Permalink_c field

Map the UUID column to the UUID_c field Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.44.56_PM.png

  • Click OK and proceed to the end. You will find two different files automatically created on your desktop by Data Loader - a "Success File" and an "Error File." This will give you an idea of which entities were successfully matched and which entities had errors.
  • Obtain the "Success File" which will now have the Enrichment ID automatically filled in.
    • Review the "Error File" to ensure there weren't any entities that were missed.

Step 4: Open Data Loader again.

  • Click upsert
  • Import the "Success" CSV into the Crunchbase Link (CrunchBase_Link_c) Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.50.24_PM.png
  • Select "Object_ID_c" when prompted to "Select the field for matching on Crunchbase_Link" Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.51.38_PM.png
  • Select "not selected" when prompted to "Select the field for matching on Crunchbase_enrichment"
  • Map appropriate fields:
    • Crunchbase__Enrichment__CID (ID column created from the Enrichment)
    • Crunchbase__Object_ID__C → 18 Digit SFDC ID Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.53.19_PM.png
  • Once you have received a prompt "all records are successful," double check in SFDC to verify that Accounts were linked

Step 5: To trigger an enrichment

  • Go to Setup > Custom Settings                       Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.55.28_PM.png
  • Then click on Manage for "Crunchbase Batch Settings" Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.56.54_PM.png
  • Then click on Edit for "EnrichmentBatch," change "Batch Size" to 1 and then click Save Screen_Shot_2021-03-01_at_12.57.33_PM.png
  • Once you have set the Batch Size to 1, test your newly bulk linked records by manually triggering a data enrichment from the Install Wizard Page. When the data enrichment is complete, the Account or Lead (that you linked in the above steps) should be enriched with the latest data from Crunchbase profiles
  • Once you have successfully completed your first bulk enrichment process and everything looks good, change the Batch Size for "EnrichmentBatch" back to 5 for more efficient bulk enrichment processes.

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