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Use the Signals filter in search to target companies that are growing and steer clear of those that are not. 

*NEW! Growing’ filter: Our latest, AI-powered growth insights filter incorporates various Crunchbase signal data to give you a swift evaluation of whether a company is growing, so you can hone in on the most promising companies.

Leadership Hire: Company leadership hires are important signs of growth, and often indicate new company priorities and budget changes. 

No Layoffs Reported: Layoff data will help you understand if a company has a budget for buying new products. If a company has had a layoff, they are likely tightening their budgets across the company. Narrow down your search and exclude companies that have had recent layoffs to focus on those with more buying power.


For our example, let’s say we want to find growing companies that have had leadership hire(s) in the last year. 

In Advanced Search, expand the Signals category in the Filters menu on the left.

Check off the Growing checkbox under Growth Insight, then select Past Year for Leadership Hire. Notice that your search results will automatically populate as you make filter selections.


You now have a list of over 3k promising companies that are exhibiting a steady growth trajectory! Hit Saved Search to save your search and get alerted when there are new additions. 

See more of our growth signals in action here:

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