What Is the Layoffs Signal?

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Crunchbase’s layoffs data will help you understand if a company has a budget for buying new products. If a company has had a layoff, they are likely tightening their budgets across the company. Narrow down your search and exclude companies that have had recent layoffs to focus on those with more buying power. When qualifying accounts, use layoffs data on company profiles to inform your outreach.

How can the layoffs signal be utilized?

Search: In search, you can filter companies by “No Layoffs Reported” under the Signals section to find companies that haven’t been impacted in a given time period. To learn how to filter by no layoffs reported, click here


Profile: Go to a prospect’s Crunchbase company profile to see if they’ve recently had layoffs and dig into the context to learn more. Inform your outreach to prospects and be equipped with the latest company news. To learn how to find recent layoffs for a company, click here


Alerts: Hit “Save” on a profile page to get updated on company activity, including layoffs. Create a new search with the layoffs filter and hit “Save Search” to get alerted when companies experience layoffs. You can also add the layoffs filter to an existing list or search. For the initial release for companies you already follow, you can see updates from the “Additions” alert.

Check out the following video to learn more about Signals:


The layoffs signal field is now in our API and available to Enterprise users with API access. The API fields include: 'key_event_date', 'last_layoff_date', and 'layoffs'.

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