What is leadership hire?

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Crunchbase’s leadership hire data will help you easily identify when companies have added a new executive (VP and above) to their leadership team, indicating that a company is expanding and that a new decision-maker is on board. This will help you better identify companies that have the capacity, and resources, to buy a product or service.

Leadership hire data reflects any hire that is VP level or above, including CXO titles. If a company has had a leadership hire mentioned in the news recently, it will show on the company profile page and appear in search using the new Leadership Hire filter.

How can leadership hire be utilized?

Search: In search, you can filter companies by those who’ve had leadership hires within a specific timeframe or date range to find the ones that are growing. Identify new decision-makers, personalize outreach to prospects and customers and beat your competition to the deal. To learn how to filter by leadership hire, click here


Profile: Company leadership hires are important signs of growth, and often indicate new company priorities and budget changes. Go to a prospect’s Crunchbase company profile to determine if they have recently hired new executives and dig into the news context to learn more. To learn how to find recent leadership hires for a company, click here


Alerts: Click “Save” on the company profile page to get updated about leadership alerts for a specific company. Create a new search with the leadership hire filter and hit “Save Search” to get alerted if there are additions. You can also add the leadership hire filter to an existing search.


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