How to Find Recent Layoff Data for a Company

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Crunchbase’s layoffs data will help you understand if a company has a budget for buying new products. If a company has had a layoff, they are likely tightening their budgets across the company. You can identify if a company recently experienced a layoff in the following ways:

Search:  Use the “No Layoffs Reported” filter to search for companies that have not had layoffs reported in a specified time period.

Profile: Dig into the context and see news references for company layoffs reported in the “Signals & News” tab.

In this article, we'll go over how to locate layoff data from a profile. You can learn how to build a 'no layoffs reported' search here!

  1. Go to a prospect’s Crunchbase company profile by typing the name in the top search bar. Top_Search_2.png
  2. On the company profile page, click on the Signals & News tab.Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_3.51.15_PM.png
  3. If a company has had a layoff mentioned in the news since January 2020, it will show on the company profile page under the Signals - Layoff section. Click on the associated link to see the news in context.Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_4.02.21_PM.png

  4. Follow the company by hitting “Save" in the top right of the page to monitor for additions!Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_4.08.42_PM.png

At Crunchbase, our mission is to democratize the way innovators access opportunity. It’s important for us to display accurate company data to help our users discover prospects, qualify accounts and inform outreach. If a layoff news reference needs to be updated, please email us the details at

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