What are Crunchbase Hubs?

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Hubs are pages that automatically group and list similar companies together based on the hub page’s criteria and the information listed on an organization’s profile. For example, our "FinTech Companies" hub page creates a list of startups that have “Fintech” listed as an industry on their profile:


If you'd like to be included on one of our hub pages, please be sure that your company profile is as complete and up to date as possible. To learn how to edit a profile on Crunchbase, please click here. Once you’ve updated your profile, Crunchbase will automatically include your company on all applicable hub pages based on the information in the company’s profile.

Please note, hub pages cannot be edited at this time and can take up to twenty-four hours to update with new information. If your company is not appearing on a hub page after twenty-four hours and satisfies the criteria for the page, please contact support@crunchbase.com.

If you are a Crunchbase Pro subscriber and would like to export a hub page, click on the "Number of Organizations" in the Overview or Leaderboard sections of the page. This will redirect you to a list of organizations on the hub which can be exported to a CSV. To learn how to export a Crunchbase search, please click here.

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