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Single sign-on is now available for Crunchbase Enterprise users that are part of a team. Single sign-on makes logging into Crunchbase easy. Access Crunchbase via providers like Okta and use the same login credentials instead of having to remember a separate password! 

Note, your team administrator is the only individual who can enable SSO. To learn how to see who your team admin is, click here

For team admins, we would recommend receiving assistance from your company's IT person. Additionally, please click here to learn about restrictions when SSO is enabled. 

For now, here are the specific instructions for setting up Okta:

  1. In order to set up SSO, you must have a registered Crunchbase user account and Crunchbase Pro subscription. If you do not have a registered Crunchbase user account, please register here: And for a Crunchbase Pro user account, please check with your Team Owner, Admin to assign you a seat.
  2. From the top navigation, select Account and click Account Settings from the dropdown list.
  3. Once in the account settings screen, use the left navigation to select the Crunchbase admin Security section. Then click “Get Started”. Note, this section will only appear to team admins and owner. 
  4. To input the Identity Provider Configuration, copy and paste configuration data to Okta & hit “Create SAML Integration.”
  5. When in Okta, configure SSO. Map To Email by selecting Okta-General - Name - email - map to “”.
  6. Pull Metadata URL from Identity Provider.
  7. In Crunchbase, hit “Enable Single Sign On” to confirm SSO enablement for your team.
  8. In Okta’s Assignments, select assigned users to add to SSO and confirm that they’re assigned successfully.

All team members who were successfully assigned will now be expected to log into Crunchbase via SSO. They will not be able to log in via their email address & password or social account. Note, users are prompted to log in every 24 hours.


To allow users to log in via SSO through Okta (i.e. through your Identify Provider), you’ll need to create an Okta Bookmark App. We do not currently support IdP initiated SSO. 

  1. Visit
  2. Open Developer Tools in your browser.
  3. In Developer Tools, go to the "Network” tab.
  4. In Developer Tools, select the checkbox “Preserve Log”
  5. Enter the email of an SSO user and click Login.
  6. In Developer Tools, sort by name and click on "authorize?identity_provider=". (There are some additional characters shown after provider=).
  7. In Developer Tools, copy the "Request URL” (Right click > Copy).Screen_Shot_2021-07-26_at_5.59.26_PM.png
  8. Log into Okta Admin.
  9. Go to Applications, then hit Add Applications.
  10. Search for and add "Bookmark App”.
  11. Paste "Request URL" from above into the URL field.
  12. Upload this image:cb_logo_blue_500pxh__4_.png
  13. Assign users in the Bookmark App.

Users can now access the Okta Bookmark App to log into Crunchbase!

Need help or guidance? Reach out to us at or post your question in the Crunchbase Community 

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