Microsoft O365 Connection Troubleshooting Tips

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Crunchbase Pro and Enterprise users can utilize Single Sign On (SSO), learn more here.

If you are seeing this message when trying to connect your Microsoft O365 account with Crunchbase, you have either: 

  • Additional security settings set up by your Microsoft O365 Administrator 
  • An Azure Portal linked to your O365 accounts



Troubleshooting Steps

If you have additional security settings, please follow the instructions below. 

Your Microsoft O365 admin must go through an authentication process. Please provide the following authentication steps to your Microsoft O365 admin (likely IT administrator) to proceed with the Microsoft O365 and Crunchbase connection. 

  1. Admin will need to register and set up a Crunchbase user account ( and go through the full email authentication process.

  2. Admin will see the below window and need to accept the requested permissions on behalf of the company. (Note: screenshot is for O365 account without azure access; users with azure may see a different window but the permissions requested should be similar)


  3. If the admin is not seeing this window, they will need to follow these steps in their Azure Portal to grant tenant-wide admin consent. Once they follow the steps, they will be able to accept on behalf of the company. 

  4. Once the admin has gone through the authentication process, the team will be able to connect their emails.

Note: If you encounter a similar error message to the one below when attempting the instructions above, please contact the following based on your subscription details and state that you have attempted this guide.

If you are a self service Crunchbase Pro user, please contact

If you are an Enterprise account user, please contact your CSM. 



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