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The Salesforce Classic view is most commonly used by customers to manage their data. We have included Visualforce pages for the Lead and Account pages that can expose data from Crunchbase to Salesforce users. To get started, go to Setup > Customize > Lead > Page Layouts. Select the Page Layout that you would like to edit. Note that you will have to repeat the following steps for each page layout that you need to modify.

  1. First, start by adding the Crunchbase custom fields to the layout. We recommend creating a new section to hold those fields:

  2. Then look for the following fields and drag them into this new section.
  3. It’s important that each of these fields is set to be read-only. To do this, click on the wrench icon next to each field that does not have a lock next to it. Then select read-only.

  4. Next, we provide a custom VisualForce page to show the latest information about a company including News, Funding, and a Featured Team. While editing the layout of your choice, choose the VisualForce pages in the top area.

  5. We will want to drag the Crunchbase Lead Detail page onto the layout. We recommend creating a new section that is setup to be one column to show the page correctly. Next drag that page into that section and set the following properties using the wrench icon:
  • Show Scrollbars: True
  • Height: 500px

When complete, your page should look similar this:

This process should be repeated to modify the Layouts for the Account page as well. It will have to be repeated for each layout on the Account page that you want to modify as well.

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