How to Filter by Pre-Money Valuation Using Crunchbase Pro

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Crunchbase has recently added Pre-Money Valuation data to our dataset. Pre-Money Valuation helps you understand the value of a company prior to their latest funding round.

To see Pre-Money Valuation, you need to build at a Funding Rounds search. To do this, go to the top navigation and click Advanced, and select Funding Rounds:


Next, you'll want to click Add Column.


A box will pop up, that offers you the opportunity to add columns to your search. You'll want to choose Pre-Money Valuation.


After you click Apply Changes, your search will update to include the Pre-Money Valuation column.


Not every company available in Crunchbase has Pre-Money Valuation data available. To easily see the ones that do, you'll want to change how the Pre-Money Valuation column is displayed. Click the carrot next to the column name, and then click Sort Descending to show Pre-Money Valuation data from the highest Pre-Money Valuation to the lowest.


Your results will automatically update to show Pre-Money Valuation data, from highest to lowest valuation.


Don't forget to save your search to get alerts for it and to be able to share it with others. 


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