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From the top navigation, select Account and click Account Settings from the dropdown list. Once in the Account Settings screen, use the left navigation to select Team Members. In this screen, all team members will be able to see who is part of their team. 

Note, the screenshots in this article are of the 'Owner, Admin' role view. The same steps will apply to 'Admins', however, some differences may be noticed such as purchasing seats.

Keep in mind, the Seats Assigned column references the subscription associated with that individual. If the column states 'Free User' this means the individual does not have a subscription. 

In the Team Members section in Account Settings, click the Invite Users button.


Next, you'll need to add the email associated with the user(s) you want to invite to the team. In this screen, you can also modify the role so when the person accepts their invite they can get to work right away - just click & choose from the dropdown. Additionally, if you would like the individual to automatically be assigned a Crunchbase Pro seat - select the check box! When you are finished adding, click Invite Members.

After, you should see the individual as Pending Member. When they accept their First and Last Name will appear along with their seat assignment (if selected). 


Note, if you add more than 1 email, the role selected will be applied to all of those users - but you can always modify them later.


Important to note:  Individuals who are invited to a team can expect their invite email to come from If they don't see the email right away, ask them to check their junk/spam folder and look for the support@ email address.


Team invitation expires in 14 days. Two reminders will be sent: first reminder is sent when an invite is not accepted in 3 days; second reminder is sent on the 11th day, 3 days before the invitation expires.


If you're a team owner or 'owner, admin' and looking to learn how to manage team subscriptions, click here


Need help or guidance? Reach out to us at or post your question in the Crunchbase Community Or if you are an Enterprise user, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

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