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To get started, use the top navigation, select Account and click Account Settings from the dropdown list. Once in the account settings screen, use the left navigation to select Team Members. In this screen, you'll see the column Seats Assigned - this is where you will see who has a Crunchbase Pro subscription and who does not. If the column states 'Free User' this means the individual does not have a subscription. 

Seats refers to individual subscriptions. If you have 3 subscriptions but 4 team members who need to use Crunchbase Pro, you'll need to add another seat. 

In this example, we'll see that there are 0 seats available in 'Pete's Team (Sales)', and 4 of the 5 Team Members already have Crunchbase Pro subscriptions - we'll need to buy one for Martha Lewis who recently joined the team. 

From the Team Members section in Account Settings, click the Add Seats button. 


Select the total number of seats you will need from the dropdown and click Confirm. In this example, we'll need 4 total seats. Note, your change will take effect immediately and your credit card will be charged the prorated difference.


After successfully adding a seat, you should see the number of seats available increase accordingly. In this example, 1 seat was added. You'll need to assign that seat manually - in the section below, we'll cover those steps! 


Need help or guidance? Reach out to us at or post your question in the Crunchbase Community Or if you are an Enterprise user, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

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