How do I reassign my subscription?

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The directions in this article are related to individuals who have an existing Crunchbase Pro subscription and are part of a team (multi-users or single user). If you do not fall in this category and need assistance, please contact for assistance. 

If you're looking to reassign your subscription to someone else, use the top navigation, select Account, and click Account Settings from the dropdown list. Once in the account settings screen, use the left navigation to select Team Members. In this screen, you'll see the column Seats Assigned - this is where you will see who has a Crunchbase Pro subscription and who does not. 

To start, you'll first need to remove a seat from an existing team member.

In this example, we'll remove a Crunchbase Pro seat from William Allen.  

Click the pencil icon next to the person's name and select Remove Crunchbase Pro Seat. 

Note, selecting Remove, will remove the individual from the team completely but will also remove the Crunchbase Pro seat from that person as well. 


After removing, you should then see the number of seats available increase. Additionally, you should see the individual that you removed the seat from listed as a Free User. 


Now that you removed the seat, you can reassign it to someone else on your team. 

In this example, we'll assign our 1 available seat to Martha Allen. 

Click the pencil icon next to the person's name and select Assign Crunchbase Pro Seat.


After assigning, you should see in the Seats Assigned column that the individual now has Crunchbase Pro listed and your seat count has changed. In this example, Martha Allen now has Crunchbase Pro and I have zero Crunchbase Pro seats available.


Please note the subscription will remain active until the end of your billing period. As you will still have access to Pro through the end of your billing period, no prorated refunds are issued.

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