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Welcome to your Crunchbase homepage! From here you can see the latest updates for companies you follow, easily discover new companies, and track industry trends. Here’s a quick tour of your new homepage.


Activity Feed

The activity feed is where you’ll be able to see the latest updates for the profiles you follow. Crunchbase Starter or Crunchbase Pro users have the ability to select other saved lists to display on your homepage. To learn more, click here


There are two ways to add companies to your activity feed:

1. Click on the Save button next to a company to add it to your activity feed.

2. Use the suggestions section at the top of your feed to find and click Save to add a company.


Shortcuts Bar

The shortcuts bar can be found on the left-hand side of your homepage.


My Crunchbase

My Recommendations: This will take you to the recommendations page to see tailored company suggestions.

My Lists: This will take you to your list dashboard where you can access all your lists.

My Saved Searches: This will take you to your saved searches.

Import Lists: Quickly import lists of companies to your Crunchbase account.


Search Companies: Find and discover new companies that meet your criteria.

Search Contacts: Find contacts with the most targeted approach through account-based sales and contact data. Available to Crunchbase Pro & Enterprise users only. 

Discover Hubs: Find collections of similar companies and quickly see high-level insights on those cohorts.

Find Investors: Find and discover new investors that meet your criteria.

Create Profile: Add a new company or person profile to Crunchbase.

My Company

Find the company profiles you can edit under this section and quickly edit them with “Edit My Company.”

Discovery Bar

The discovery bar is a great place to find new companies that may be relevant to you. 

This Week on Crunchbase:


Trending Profiles:

​Features Searches and Lists:



Features that are only available in Crunchbase Starter and Crunchbase Pro are highlighted in yellow with a lightning icon. To help you choose the option that will best suit your individual or company needs, you can compare each Crunchbase product here.


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