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G2 Stack, formerly known as Siftery, provides an insider’s look at what products and services companies are using internally. G2 Stack leading database of software products and their customers is used by product managers, marketers, analysts, and investors looking to understand software adoption trends. The data is collected through automated methods and by hundreds of daily contributions from the G2 Stack community.

Our Data Boost subscription add-on will provide you with the following data from G2 Stack:

Data Field Description
Category The main category that the product is used in as defined by G2 Stack.
Number of Customers The number of customers this product has.
Product Name of product that is in use by a given company.
Product Vendor The company that created the product or is the vendor of the product.
Start Date Date when this product was first detected by G2 Stack for this company.
Status Indicates whether this company is currently using, or has stopped using, this product.
Stopped Date Date when this company stopped using this product.
Total Product Changes Percent change in total number of products that G2 Stack has detected for this company in the last month.
Total Products Used Total number of products currently in use by this company, as detected by G2 Stack.

Finding G2 Stack data on Crunchbase profiles

  1. Click on any company or organization profile
  2. Scroll down to the G2 Stack card
  3. Gain in-depth insights into the products a company is using by navigating to the Active Products and Product Timeline Tabs

Note: If there is no G2 Stack data for this profile, no card will be shown.

How to use G2 Stack internal products and services data

Use this data to see product recommendations based on what companies like yours are using or analyze the product market share of your competitors, partners, and more. You can even use this data to tailor your sales pitch before getting on a call with a potential client.

Here’s how:

Let’s say you’re about to get on a call with a representative from the Marketing team at Wag.

First, navigate to Wag’s Crunchbase profile and scroll down to the G2 Stack card.


Here we can see some of the products and services Wag is currently using. You can click the blue View All text at the bottom of the card to view a full list of active internal products. Click into these technologies to learn more about them, and become an expert on the tech/product stack of the company—before even speaking with them!


You can further your knowledge about a company’s tech stack/product history by clicking on the Products Timeline tab, which will provide you with a history of that organization’s product usage, including the start date and stop date for when they used a given technology. Here we see that Wag recently stopped using GoDaddy’s email marketing tool. This could be a great insight to bring up on your call and show your lead that you’re informed and make them feel like a priority.

 Pro Tip: To learn more about a particular technology click the blue technology name.


Clicking on a product name will provide you with more information on the Product and Product Category, as well as how many organizations in the Crunchbase dataset are currently using that product.

 Clicking either the blue text next to Category or Number of Customers will lead you to a drill-down list of all the similar products in that category or a list of the companies using that service.



G2 Stack data in Advanced Search

You can search with G2 Stack filters in Crunchbase to discover and compare companies based on the vendors and services they are currently using internally. Vendor and product information will help you gain valuable market intelligence on the most popularly used products and services in a particular sector, crucial information for any entrepreneur, founder, or investor. You can also find companies using your competitor’s products who may be looking for a better option.

Let’s say we believe we have the best marketing automation product on the market. A good place to start prospecting would be companies who have been using one of our competitors for a while and maybe looking to get some additional features or value out of their marketing software.

  1. Select Companies from the Advanced dropdown in the top navigation
  2. From the filters section, scroll down to Partner Filters
  3. Locate the filter Tech in Company (Siftery) and enter our biggest competitors Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, and Campaign Monitor into the input box
  4. Watch your results update in real-time


G2 Stack drill-downs

We now have a list of over 7k+ companies using competitor products. Now let’s drill down to companies who have been using their marketing automation software for the last two years and are probably looking for a change.

First, in the Filters section, click on “Need More Filters? Try Query Builder” From there you should be brought to our query builder that allows you to add more Marketplace filters to your search. 


  1. In Click on the + underneath the G2 Product filter
  2. Click Start Date and adjust the operator to Before then enter 2 years ago
  3. Click the green Search button


We’ve now narrowed our list to companies that have been using one of our competitor products for over 2 years! But why stop there?

Our company’s award-winning customer service makes our product an ideal fit for early-stage companies, so let’s target startups in our search too!

  1. Click the + underneath Products in Use to add an additional filter
  2. Click Funding → Last Funding Type
  3. Type in Seed, Series A, Series B
  4. Click the green Search button



Now we have 816 early-stage companies who have been using one of our competitor’s marketing automation products for over 2 years. Time to reach out!

Viewing G2 Stack columns in search results

To see G2 Stack details across your search results, start by clicking Edit View or Add Columns.

Using the search example above, we will add Total Products Active to get a more comprehensive view of the companies in our search.


To learn more about G2 Stack please click here. You can learn more about Data Boost here.

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