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G2 Stack, formerly known as Siftery, provides an insider’s look at what products and services companies are using internally. G2 Stack leading database of software products and their customers is used by product managers, marketers, analysts, and investors looking to understand software adoption trends. The data is collected through automated methods and by hundreds of daily contributions from the G2 Stack community. Our Data Boost subscription will provide you with the following data from G2 Stack:

Data Field Description
Category The main category that the product is used in as defined by G2 Stack.
Number of Customers The number of customers this product has.
Product Name of product that is in use by a given company.
Product Vendor The company that created the product or is the vendor of the product.
Start Date Date when this product was first detected by G2 Stack for this company.
Status Indicates whether this company is currently using, or has stopped using, this product.
Stopped Date Date when this company stopped using this product.
Total Product Changes Percent change in total number of products that G2 Stack has detected for this company in the last month.
Total Products Used Total number of products currently in use by this company, as detected by G2 Stack.

To learn more about G2 Stack please click here.
You can learn more about Data Boost here.

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