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IPqwery provides a complete picture of the IP holdings of any company. Get an overview of the technologies a company possesses (patents), its brands (trademarks), its inventors, and how it scores for being innovative (IP Activity). Our Data Boost subscription will provide you with the following data from IPqwery:

Data Field Description
A concise summary of the invention disclosed in the patent application
Class Description
The description of the classes assigned to the patent or trademark, as determined by the patent or trademark office.
Filing Date
The filing date of the patent or trademark.
Filing Office
The office that the patent or trademark was filed with.
First Publication Date
The first publication date of the patent.
Goods and Services
The goods and services to which this trademark will apply.
IP Activity Score
Measure of innovativeness based on trailing 5 years of IP filings, as detected by IPqwery.
Issue Date
The issue date of the patent or trademark.
Most Popular Class Description
The description of the most popular class assigned to the majority of this companies patents.
Most Popular Patent Class
Most popular class of patents across all the companies patents owned or applied for.
Most Popular Trademark Class
Most popular class of trademarks across all the companies trademarks owned or applied for.
Patent (Title)
The name of the patent.
Patent Category
The class or category of the patent, as defined by the Patent Office.
Patent Owner
The owner of the patent.
Patent Status
The current status of the patent.
Patents Granted
Total number of patents granted and owned by the company.
Patents Pending
Total number of patents applied for that are pending.
Registration Date
The date the trademark was registered.
Total Patents
Total number of pending and granted patents.
Total Trademarks
Total number of pending and registered trademarks.
Trademark (Title)
The name of the trademark.
Trademark Class
The class assigned to the trademark, as defined by the IP office.
Trademark Owner
The owner of the trademark.
Trademark Status
The current status of the trademark.
Trademarks Pending
Total number of trademarks pending registration.
Trademarks Registered
Total number of trademarks registered.

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