What is Crunchbase Pro with Data Boost?

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Data Boost gives you access to Crunchbase Pro and our Data Partners.

Data Boost lets you:

  • Easily access partner data right in your Crunchbase experience.
  • Enrich your search with 55+ premium search filters.
  • Get data partners such as G2 Stack, and more.

Crunchbase Pro with Data Boost will give you access to our 5 Marketplace apps: Builtwith, G2 Stack, IPQwery, Aberdeen and PrivCo.  These data partners deliver exclusive business insights like IT budget sizes, website traffic, purchase intent signals and more. To learn more about the specific data partners, please visit https://about.crunchbase.com/marketplace/

To purchase Crunchbase Pro with Data Boost - click here!

*Purchasing Crunchbase Pro with Data Boost includes Crunchbase Pro. If you have an existing Pro subscription we offer an add on subscription that only includes our Data Partners. If you already have Pro you can purchase an add on with only our 5 Data Partners here.

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