How Crunchbase Has Prepared for CCPA Compliance

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Our Commitment to User Data Privacy

We’re committed to open and transparent data privacy practices and partnering with our users, customers and partners to help them understand and prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is one of the most expansive U.S. privacy laws to date which took effect January 1, 2020. It’s an important legislative change in data privacy regulation to further protect user data. 

Besides strengthening and standardizing user data privacy in California, it will require new or additional obligations on all organizations that handle personal data, regardless of where the organizations themselves are located. On this page, we’ll explain our methods and plans to achieve CCPA compliance. 

Preparing for CCPA 

Although Crunchbase already has comprehensive data privacy documentation that you can access in our Knowledge Center, the CCPA’s updated requirements are significant and our team has worked diligently to bring Crunchbase’s product offerings in line. We have taken many measures to achieve CCPA compliance, including:

  • Reviewing and making appropriate changes to our processes to be in compliance with CCPA
  • Updating our Knowledge Center and privacy policy to help users better understand how Crunchbase treats user data
  • Creating new processes and documentation to enable users to take actions on their data, such as disabling individual user accounts, deleting their user accounts, or removing individual profiles on Crunchbase
  • Providing relevant privacy training to our team to ensure the integrity and protection of user data
  • Reviewing and making appropriate changes to all relevant contractual terms
  • Providing our API customers and partners a method to access what data was deleted from the Crunchbase platform via the API delete endpoint
  • Continuing to invest in our security infrastructure
  • Continuing to review our product offering and make any necessary adjustments to stay in compliance

We’ll also continue to monitor the guidance around CCPA compliance from privacy-related regulatory bodies, and will adjust our plans accordingly if it changes.

Stay Updated

Fulfilling our privacy and data security commitments is important to Crunchbase. So we’re happy to help you understand what Crunchbase has done to prepare for all the changes CCPA brings. This page will be revised to reflect CCPA-related information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions about what Crunchbase has done around CCPA or how Crunchbase’s actions will affect you, please contact us at


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