“Do Not Sell” Rights under CCPA

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What does Crunchbase do that may fall under the CCPA’s definition of “sell”?

  • We display your public person profile to Crunchbase users.
  • We include your public person profile in our API, accessible by our API users

When we show a public person profile to our users, it is because you have made that profile or information listed on that profile public. A request to not “sell” your information prevents us from offering our core products and services to you. In the section below, we detail how we will work to honor your request if you choose to exercise this right.

How can I opt-out?

Public person profiles are inherent in our product. So, in order to opt out of the sale of this information, you can request that we delete your person profile by filling out this form. By submitting this request, you are declaring that you are a California resident exercising the rights afforded to you under the CCPA. 

Why am I being asked to delete my profile?

How we share profile data is integral to our core products and services. At this time, we are not able to provide our core products and services to all of our users without the ability to share profile data. However, you can still use Crunchbase to research tech companies and explore the site to the extent that you would like!

Can I still use the site after making this request?

Users who make this request will still be able to access all of the services we offer on our site that do not require us to display, sell, or transfer your person profile to users. You can always recreate a profile at any time should you change your mind.

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