FAQ: How do I access the CSV Export?

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STEP 1: Locate your User Key: The user key is a 32-character string that you should have received by email after signing up for Crunchbase data. If you have not received your user key, please contact api@crunchbase.com.


STEP 2: Enter the URL into your browser. Once you’ve located your user key, type the following URL address into your browser and replace the final “user_key” with the value that you received in your email: https://api.crunchbase.com/bulk/v4/bulk_export.tar.gz?user_key=user_key

For example, if your “user_key” is 1a2b3c4d5e6f7g8h9i0j, you would type:



STEP 3: Press “Enter” or “Return” and the download should begin automatically. If it does not begin, please contact your CSM or api@crunchbase.com.

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