FAQ: What files are included in CSV Export?

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The Crunchbase CSV Export is a compressed TAR file (1.23 GB in size) containing the following 17 files:

organizations.csv Organization profiles available on Crunchbase platform
organization_descriptions.csv Long descriptions for organization profiles
acquisitions.csv List of all acquisitions available on Crunchbase platform
org_parents.csv Mapping between the parent organizations and subsidiaries
ipos.csv Detail for each IPO in the dataset
category_groups.csv Mappings between organization categories and category groups
people.csv People profiles available on Crunchbase platform
people_descriptions.csv Long descriptions for people profiles
degrees.csv Detail for people's education background
jobs.csv List of all job and advisory roles
investors.csv Active investors, including both organizations and people
investments.csv All investments made by investors
investment_partners.csv Partners who are responsible for their firm's investments
funds.csv Details for investors' investment funds
funding_rounds.csv Details for each funding round in the dataset
events.csv Event details
event_appearances.csv Event participation details

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