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Find your next deal with Crunchbase’s Similar Companies! Similar companies are generated through a proprietary machine learning model that analyzes underlying data attributes (i.e. industry tags, company description, firmographics, financial information, etc.) to surface similar accounts and possible competitors, helping you discover related accounts to fill your pipeline. 

Above your list of similar companies, you’ll find a brief blurb that summarizes the why behind each result: 

Powered by AI’ means we use machine learning and AI to generate the content you are looking at based on existing Crunchbase data. We use a multi-layered approach of data source validation, in-service evaluation, source data transparency, and community feedback to ensure the reliability of our Generative AI service. 

“What are the key benefits of Similar Companies?” 

Discover must-know accounts automatically surfaced by machine learning: Find accounts that are similar to the company profile you’re viewing without having to spend time searching or conducting research on company websites. 

Qualify accounts without interrupting your workflow: Get fast facts about similar companies (including company size, location, industry, and revenue range), so you can qualify right where you are. 

Fill your pipeline with new opportunities: Save similar companies that meet your ICP to your CRM  or to Crunchbase lists to get alerted when key buy signals happen.

“Where can I find Similar Companies?” 

Access this feature by clicking the Similar Companies tab on organization profiles.


“Why can I only see Similar Companies on certain profiles?” 

We try to ensure that this feature is available on all company profiles, but occasionally you may encounter a profile that does not have similar companies listed. Here are a couple of reasons as to why:

  • The profile may be newly added to Crunchbase, and has not yet been assigned its Similar Companies
  • There are no other profiles within Crunchbase that meet the attributes required to be deemed a Similar Company in relation to the profile you are viewing

In other words, we surface Similar Companies that we have the utmost confidence about, so you are guaranteed to be getting only the best results.

“How can I help generate Similar Companies on a particular profile?” 

  • Edit the profile to make sure it’s up-to-date
  • Focus on industry tags and company description, to ensure key words are featured on the profile
  • Engage with the feature by using the thumbs up or thumbs down by each result.

Over time, with contributions from users like you, our model will continue to improve in both its coverage and quality.

Learn more about the key benefits of Similar Companies HERE or check out this video:

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