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    Hi Võ Hoàng

    To edit the page, click the three-dot icon and select "Edit" at the top right of the profile. 

    To add to the Current Team and Board Members and Advisors section, click the three dot icon at the top right of any profile you want to update. Then select, "Edit"

    Once in the edit screen, scroll down to the "Employees, Board Members, Advisors" section and click "Create New Position". Then, search to see if the person already has an existing profile on Crunchbase by using the "Search Existing Person" text box (if the person has an existing account, then click the "+" to add them and begin adding the Job Details).

    If the person does not have a profile, then click Add Person (filling name and any other information you have), be sure to click Continue, then begin adding the Job Details (the person profile you created is in the queue as New Person). Once you've finished, click "Save All Edits"!

    For reference, here's an article on how to add an employee to a company profile:



    And to add a founder: https://support.crunchbase.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008413234-Adding-a-Founder

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