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What is the Crunchbase Community? 

This forum is for Crunchbase users who are interested in learning more about Crunchbase to ask and answer questions, share tips and best practices, and discuss uses of Crunchbase Pro. 

There are two primary things you can do in the Crunchbase Community: 

  1. Ask a question - i.e. how to edit a profile, perform a search, troubleshooting, etc.

  2. Share a tip - have you figured out a great search query? Write it up to share with other users!

We have topics for each of these purposes broken down by use case. If you want to ask a question related to Profile Edits you would post in the Edit Q & A topic. For a full list of topics, go to the community home and click on the "topics" tab. 

In addition to creating posts of your own, you can participate in conversations and answer other users' questions in the comments section on each post. Even if another user has already answered, feel free to add your own idea or response. 

Both posts and comments allow users to vote on them. You can up-vote another user's comment or post to indicate that you agree or like the post. The number of votes on a comment help other users identify the "best" or most helpful response in a long string of comments. 

What not to do in the community

  • Make comments that don't add value or information, such s "+1" comments. That's what the voting buttons are for. 

  • Break the community guidelines. If you haven't read them yet, be sure you do before you post. Posts or comments that violate the guidelines may be removed without warning. 

  • It's covered within the guidelines, but don't be mean, disparaging, or otherwise unkind to Crunchbase staff or other users. There are real people with real feelings on the other side of that screen. Besides, this is a professional community, and it's publicly searchable. Your boss could see what you post here just by Googling your name. So be nice.

Here are some other helpful things to review: 


How to ask a question in the community

How to write and submit a tip for the community



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