How do I access the Crunchbase Chrome Extension?

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With the Chrome Extension, you can access the power of Crunchbase right where you need it. You can easily learn about prospects to cut down on research time, and take action directly from your browser tab. We can leverage browsing data from the Chrome Extension to further refine our M.L. based recommendations, and help us identify gaps in data coverage for our users.  To learn more about the main actions you can take in the Chrome extension as part of the beta release here.  

Download the extension here: Via Chrome Web Store (note: this is the latest version of the extension to use for the beta)

Instruction tutorial: Watch this video demo for detailed instructions on how to install the Crunchbase Chrome extension or follow the guide below. 

1. Find the Crunchbase Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store

2. Press the ‘Add to Chrome’ button 



3. Once you see a pop up to add the extension, press “Add extension’



4. You’ll see a pop up letting you know that the Crunchbase Chrome Extension was added successfully. 


Don't want to see the Crunchbase Chrome extension? Hit 'X' to minimize the Crunchbase Chrome extension on your browser. To bring it back, select 'Extensions' at the top of your Chrome browser window and hit 'Pin' for the Crunchbase Chrome extension.


To learn more about the benefits to our Chrome Extension, click here.  

If you're running into our system that identifies certain behavior similar to bots (Perimeter X), while using Chrome Extension, we suggest following the instructions and disabling any ad-blockers.

If you run into any issues, let us know at


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